Expert denture repairs in Newcastle

At Maybank Denture Clinic we know how important it is for you to have a well fitted pair of dentures.


If your dentures have become damaged, ill-fitting or even broken in half it can severely impair your standard of life, making things such as eating, drinking or even speaking incredibly difficult.

A professional service you can trust

We can help with a range of problems, if your dentures have missing teeth, if they’ve become ill fitting or if they’ve been accidentally damaged we will endeavour to repair them for you. Come into our clinic today and see what we can do.

Treating a variety of issues

•  Lost teeth

•  Cracks

•  Badly fitting dentures

•  Broken in half dentures

•  Fractures

Our team are here to help

While you want to make sure your dentures look and feel fantastic, you also don’t want to pay the earth for them.


With the competitive pricing at Maybank Denture Clinic, your new teeth aren’t the only thing that’ll make you smile.