New dentures from an expert firm in Newcastle

We offer full range of removable dental prosthetics and bespoke denture services including custom made mouth-guards.

Should it be time for a complete replacement set, we can offer you a fully fitted set of new dentures to meet all your needs.

Why choose Maybank Denture Clinic?

We offer a customer focused service that’s tailored around you. The natural look of our dentures is complemented by our professional measuring and fitting service, so you can be proud of your smile. If you’re finding life tough due to missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, contact our team today.

Denture services:

•  Custom made mouthguards

•  New dentures

•  Bespoke denture services

•  Overdentures

Beautiful dentures

Whereas other clinics can take a long time creating perfectly fitting dentures, we create everything in-house, so we provide a very swift service.

Whether you need new dentures or denture repairs, we promise you’ll leave us smiling